Injustice, the word of ugly feelings

Injustice digs ugly sense

Injustice is the word that digs an ugly sense. A sense of guilt or a sense of deprivation. However, sometimes this ugly word is relative. It depends mostly on habitual behavioral practice. Common sense switches in practicing collectively. And it demands people to participate largely. Men can do this. They are naturally sympathetic. But it can divert into different ways for addicting to the greed. In this case, to get the result of the developed norms, ethical values should acknowledge to the society. At the same time, the activities that reduce or remove poverty should apply widely. Because the poverty is one of the main causes that commit misjudgment.

Removes poverty caused misjudgment

It is not difficult to detect how injustice covers the society. One of the main culprits, no doubt, is poverty. So yes poverty creates misjudgment. Only when justice can be established, it is then possible to remove misconception from the society. But how to remove poverty that creates misconception? Get the answer first. Because we have to fight against it. And firstly, we have to take the right steps judging the societies’ needs. The needs that are responsible causing the poverty. If we can be able to detect the reasons, we must be the winner against the poverty.

Takes humanitarian action

At first be humanitarian. Taking humanitarian action is one of the key steps to begin fight against impoverishment. Most of the common people think that humanitarian activity involves in the charity. But the reality is different. Charity is only for the emergency. Otherwise, it doesn’t work in the long run. So we must apply productive activities that can remove poverty permanently. Take with you all classes people of the society. Detecting problems and promoting solvency should be the first and firmest aim. And to provide these facilities, it is urgent finding the priorities. On the basis of the priority, developing work should start.

Makes program strategy

Program strategy is essential to be successful in promoting progressive activities. Why should we do? The development activities demand the correct answer of it. Because we have to walk to the goal. So it is very necessary to clear the vision we want to reach. And then, we have to select what we should do. After that, the answer should be how we do that. After finding all the answers, we should start working. In promoting the human resource, it is very necessary to give the priority the women first. Because involving the women in promoting a project means the involvement the whole family. And promoting the human justice, the strategy works well.

   Takes long term development

With some short-term projects, it obviously demands to take long term development. Sometimes, a short-term project makes the proper way of a long-term project. To remove poverty and establish justice long-term project works like the backbone of a society. Learning and earning is one of them. However, realizing and promoting the development programs should be the actual process. When the basic needs can be removed, it becomes easier to promote a developed society.

Misbah Farazi




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